Energy Budget and Management

Our wellbeing and wellness essentially depends upon our hidden account called the “The Energy Budget” . We can do and achieve the same in fact, more by managing this Energy budget wisely and purposefully. The key is to plan our day properlyprioritizing our activities according to their importance and enormity. Remember, our energy budget is not just consumed by our physical input and fatigue but, a big proportion of it is used by our mental efforts, exhaustion and all the stress that comes along. Together, we spend a tremendous amount of our energy along with time in keeping our ventures running in the most perfect manner with or without addressing the call and cry of our tired body and exhausted mind. How can one be more cautious and efficient with this precious energy budget?


At AS Coaching & Therapy Practice I help my clients with different coaching and massage techniques to under their energy budget which enables them  to strike a balance in their activities and manage their energy budget in the most effective and efficient manner. Our wellbeing and wellness lies in our own hands is what we believe at AS Coaching & Therapy Practice!

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    Eliza (vrijdag, 29 november 2019 11:25)

    An eye opener! As humans we tend to forget our limits

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    Ronald Innemee (zaterdag, 30 november 2019 08:26)

    Ik ken Amir al jaren. Ik kom regelmatig bij hem om mijn energie te reguleren. Middels intensieve massage wordt in contact met geest en lichaam de balans weer hersteld. Hij voelt precies wat je nodig hebt en kan er ook woorden aan geven. Geef jezelf een cadeau.